Cisco Certification: Suggested Topologies For The Home CCNA / CCNP Lab



Whenever you make the choice to set your home lab together for your CCNA and CCNP studies, (a very smart choice, if I might say so!), the toughest part is figuring out how to invest your budget. Can you spend all of it on the routers and go with a more affordable 1900 switch, understanding that the 640-801 (CCNA), 640-821 (Introduction), and 640-811 (ICND) exams now put a premium on understanding the intricacies of a 2950 switch? Can you purchase a frame relay switch? Can you purchase an access server?Visit here

One factor to remember while you’re beginning to set your laboratory collectively is that you don’t need to put it all together at the same time. With some careful preparation, you have got a lab which you can use to your Intro studies, possibly include a router or 2 for ICND research, then some more apparatus for your CCNP research.

Of course, in addition, it depends upon your budget. If you have upwards of $500 to invest, great! That is fine if you do not. The key is that you are likely to utilize the deal rather than simulation applications. And bear in mind when you have attained your certification objectives you may always sell the gear. You passing it to a different CCNP or CCNA candidate Andre essentially renting the gear.

Let us take a peek at many different typologies, from basic to advance.

One router. Getting started with a single router is a beginning, although you are going to need to maintain the settings fundamental. You may practice setting passwords (and password retrieval, maybe!) And become familiar with the hardware. You may practice working together with lots of configuration commands and placing the hostname. There are limits that are obvious, but the big plus here is that you have

Gotten began functioning with real Cisco equipment.

Two routers. Than you may think you are able to do more. Be certain that the two routers that you purchase have interfaces. After that you can buy clinic working and also a DTE/DCE cable together with ports that are directly connected. This can be a valuable skill. You are able to place PPP on the lead link and clinic working with PAP and CHAP, and of course the crucial troubleshooting command debug ppp negotiation.