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There is a difference between playing basketball just for fun and playing for competition. Competition can be on many different levels. Competition play can be through a high school or college team, a community team, a church team, or recreation center team. When you are playing basketball for this purpose, you want to use a competition style hoop. Competition style hoops have some very important components.

Competitive basketball is best played using a competition breakaway goal. A breakaway goal has a spring in it so it will flex slightly when pressure is put on it. Since most competition basketball includes some slam dunking, breakaway goals are key. These goals are available in many different models. All competition breakaway goals must meet high school and NCAA specifications. They all have anti-whip nets to reduce the chances of hand injuries and they are made to fit all standard backboards. However, not all competition style breakaway goals are the same.

Here are some recommendations to give you an idea of what’s out there. The FT190 is an economical choice and comes with a one year limited warranty, but check with your supplier to ensure this before you buy. It is a great choice for middle school, church or a recreation basketball legends center where the competition may be less aggressive. The FT192 is more durable. It is ideal for high school or college use. It may come with a two year superior warranty.

The FT192TA is made for fierce competition at the high school and college level. It usually comes with a five year superior warranty. A great feature on this model is that it can be adjusted to withstand pressure from 170 to 230 pounds. The FT194TA comes with the most positive lock mechanism available. It too can handle heavy competition and usually comes with a lifetime superior warranty. The last competition breakaway goal is the FT196. This model can breakaway from any angle. It is great for intense competition and comes with an eight year superior warranty.

Another important aspect of a competition style basketball hoop is the backboard. There are many competition style backboards available. They all meet high school and NCAA specifications. They are all made with glass and have regulation white border and shooters square fired into glass. Though these features are the same, there are other features that vary by model.

The FT234 is 42″ x 72″ and comes with a 10 year limited warranty. This model is ideal for less aggressive play. The FT235 42″ x 72″ and is guaranteed to be unbreakable during game play. It comes with a lifetime superior warranty. The FT239 mounts directly to pre-existing structures. It is 42″ x 72″ and comes with a 10 year limited warranty. The FT233 is a 39″ x 54″ fan shaped backboard. It comes with a heavy duty aluminum frame and a 10 year limited warranty. These are specifics from one distributer, if you choose a different model, just make sure you know what warranty is attached.